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SPA and wellness in Bulgaria – country much more secrets to reveal

The geographical location of Bulgaria provides full four seasons. What is more, in the borders of the country you can enjoy sea and mountain. Throughout the year you can enjoy different and amazing beaches, together with enchanting mountains.

The history of Bulgaria explains the knowledge and love for nature and wellness. There are evidences, that ancient tribes living on the same territory, have used and mastered the mineral springs, mud, herbs, oils and foods.

The so called “healers” were famous even in the Roman Empire. They were called Thracians. The mastered the minerals springs together with the curative mud.

The mineral water springs and the situated nearby resorts are about 800. The hot and cold mineral water spout out from a depth over 2000 meters.

Nowadays there are modern recreational destinations in Bulgaria, that together with the professional staff and natural gifts can give you the deserved vacation.

Mineral water is well known for its ability to strengthen the human immune system. It helps purifying the body from toxins.

Some of the most popular balneo centers were built from the Romans. They are still functioning and providing their guests with unique, healthy and memorable experience.

In Bulgaria you will find remarkable healing and recreational procedures – mud, chromotherapy, thalassotherapy, massages, aromatherapy and so on.

One of the world famous SPA and wellness centers is situated in the picturesque town of Bankya. It is situated near the capital Sofia. Everything that Bankya offers feels like cozy paradise. Lyulin mountain nearby gives the town its temperature, sunny days and light muntin breeze.

One of the best SPA and wellness hotels in Bankya, with their own mineral water spring, is “Bankya Palace”.

The hotel offers numerous SPA and wellness procedures, entertainment, perfect service, professional staff and a lot of history that can be seen.

There are many other places like Bankya, where ancient traditions and knowledge of herbs,  mineral water and mud are combined perfectly and will make your vacation last long in your memory.