The new home of the mineral waters Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel**** is located in Banya Spa Resort. In the foot of three majestic mountains (Rila, Pirin, Rhodope) in the beautiful Razlog Hollow next to the biggest ski resort on the Balkan Peninsular – Bansko.
Local legends still tell the story of Roman legionnaires who after fierce battles came here to restore their strength with the help of the therapeutic mineral water. Today we proudly continue the age-old tradition.

The only one of its kind SPA center in Bulgaria which will bestow on you a five-star feeling of balance and harmony of the body, mind and soul.


Enter it and immerse yourself in a new design SPA dimension which combines in itself the most modern SPA technologies with the wisdom of ancient civilizations from various parts of the world.
Boasting an indoor and outdoor pool with mineral water and hydro massage jets,. Guests can pamper themselves at the spa centre including facilities such as sauna, steam bath, Turkish hammam and massage.


Enjoy the spaciousness, coziness, natural and warm colors which convey the beauty of nature into the interior.
Regardless of whether you choose a room of exciting panoramic view of the mountain peaks or of the beautiful and perennially-green pine forests, the atmosphere in which you will immerse yourself, will enable you to genuinely savor your vacation.

Contemporary people ever more often value highly the quality of authentic food. Every morning, our master chefs and cooks choose on the spot the most high-quality products in order to offer an abundance of ecologically pure dishes.










We created an eco farm especially for our guests where we grow entirely pure and natural fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs from genuinely happy hens, according to an old traditional Bulgarian method.

Our emphatic and caring animators will take care of the kids so you can give in to well-deserve rest in a tranquil manner with a peace of mind. Our youngest guests will be able to learn new things and to create friendships in our wonderful Mini Party Club.