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Pearl at the Black sea

bulgaria-pearl-at-the-black-sea and one of the most beautiful countries in eastern Europe. It combines rich history, great nature and true traditions. Combining being one of the best resorts in Europe with great nation and history is definitely worth visiting….


One of the greatest benefits of Bulgaria as destination are the four seasons. For some of you that may look strange and yet, interesting.

The defined four climate seasons gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy different type of vacation every 3 months.

The temperatures are more than welcoming throughout the year.

These temperatures and divided seasons are doing good not only to the tourists, but to the crops and animals too. That is why in Bulgaria you can find one of the best eco-friendly grown vegetables, meat, all that in bio environment in Europa.

You can see and taste f or yourselves the difference i n the taste, color, aroma etc.

Do you remember me saying four seasons? Great, but that doesn’t mean that the nightlife is taking turns in resting during some of the seasons. What is more, together with all the great food, history, life, the cultural side of tourism in Bulgaria is also four seasons open.

The cuisine is combining different styles through the centuries. Being on a crossroad, through Bulgaria has passed a lot of mighty nations. They left a mixology of habits, food, languages and so on. That makes everything in Bulgaria special and unique. One more result of that mixology is a kind of second ethnos in Bulgaria the Muslims. That can be seen as a part of some dishes in the country.


That magical country offers plenty of gastronomy and cultural hot points. One of them is small city with big history Balchik. It is situated on the northern coast of the Black sea, about hour and a half from the Romanian border.
Mentioning Romania is due to the history of that town. In that small territory rises proudly the preserved castle of the Romanian queen Maria. She becomes Romanian queen after marrying Romanian king Ferdinant I. She is actually a British princess before that Princess Marie of Edinburgh.
In that region the white stone is very popular material for building. Have a look:

castle-of-romanian-queen-maria-in-balchik_230 palace-of-romanian-queen-maria_230

The queen has been a fan of flowers and typically roses. Bulgaria is famous with her rose oil, but for that return to the main page.
The magic is created by combining flowers with stones on the shore of Black sea. Here you can teleport your thoughts hundreds years ago, when queen Maria was dreamy looking at the sea, the ships, the sun….The main part of the castle is called “quiet nest”. That was the residence of the queen. When inside, a man can see the main rooms, the bathroom, the amazing colored glass windows, paintings and so much more. In the museum on the first floor of the residence, there are many artifact and souvenirs, looking like they are telling stories about that period of the Bulgarian history. The palace of Maria and the botanic garden kept the atmosphere of year 1921.
No more talking, have a look and make sure you see it with your own eyes:

botanical-garden-of-roses_230 the-garden-in-castle_230

The food is as good a s the gardens and the palace. Bulgaria is located on a crossroad. During the centuries a lot of different cultures have passed through and left something from them in Bulgaria. The Bulgarians managed to combine everything, adapt it to the nature veggies, meat, fruit, fish, herbs, spices etc.

balchik-shore_230 seaview-from-balchik_230

In Balchik there are plenty restaurants, cooking great dishes.
One of them is called “Mikado”
Situated on the shore, it is walking distance from the Palace of Maria.


That is also interesting destination when you visit northeast Bulgaria.
Next to the palaces stone wall, there is one more great place to grab a bite of Bulgarian cuisine is called restaurant “Korona”. Sea view great service and the food is one of a kind. You eat and enjoy the view, that queen Maria had many years ago.
If you want some action while eating, the place for you is called “Bistro Kestena”. There you can enjoy life cooking, flames, Bulgarian traditional interior, food and great staff.
During the season in Balchik if full with festivals and different markets. The best time for festivals are the worm months. Near Balchik is an area called “ White lagune”. When driving north from the city along the raw nature of sandstones hills and low vegetation, after about 15min in front of you will appear a place. There looks like time has stopped. Few old summer homes, rental apartments laying quietly only meters from the sea. There is one fish restaurant, operated by family from.
This restaurant is called “Laguna”. The fish dishes are always fresh, due to the fact that t he owner communicates directly with the fishermen and with the mussel farm nearby “Dalboka”. There is plenty more to see in that area of Bulgaria.